Occasional photos

Amin is an occasional photographer, enjoys taking photos of streets, people, and human impact on nature. Here are some of his works.

God at work

Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain
Valenica, Spain

Still exist

Valencia, Spain

Waiting to be sold

Valenica market, Spain

The thousandth haircut

Around Dingy-Saint-Clair, France

Aound Anncey

The science of explanation

looking at Lion’s head from Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

somewhere in Sydney


Lake Tekapo, NZ

The sign

around Rome, Italy

Time defines

turmberg karlsruhe

Fish and Chips

Lone survivor

somewhere in Dunedin

Frozen flowers

University of Otago

in his eyes


somewhere in Dunedin

waiting for ever

going home

one size smaller please


life partners

Beach in Dunedin

the bottle